About the Space Explorers

The ATLAS Space Explorers Post 2025/Club 3025 is sponsored by ATLAS Space Operations. The Exploring program is an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America. This program is for teens and young adults, ages 12 to 20, who have an interest in learning more about careers in space technology. Youth leaders, under the guidance of adult advisors, run the program.

Post/Club activities enhance Explorer preparation for future roles as productive citizens, responsible community members, and contributors to America’s continuing development as a Space Nation. This program is designed to mirror, to the greatest extent possible, the reality of working in a high end start up tech company.

Last year, the ATLAS Space Explorers worked on an educational community outreach project in partnership with ATLAS Space Operations, Aveopt, the Michigan Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics, Consumers Energy, Michigan Technological University, and American Tower Corporation in determining the viability and value of the satellite based Unmanned Traffic Management System (UTM).


This year, the ATLAS Space Explorers are taking on another mission, this time, with rockets. They will compete in the American Rocketry Challenge, the world’s largest student rocketry competition. Teams from all over the world will design, build, test, launch, and fly a safe and stable model rocket to an altitude of exactly 800 feet while also achieving a total flight duration of between 40 and 43 seconds and returning a payload of one raw hen's egg undamaged. The rocket must also return safely with all sections still connected together. In late July, the ATLAS Space Explorers will present data and lessons learned at Maker Faire Detroit 2020.

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Our Mission

Compete in (and win!) the American Rocketry Challenge

Design, build, test, launch, and recover a rocket containing a raw egg as its payload

Conceiving a design that will ensure the egg remains undamaged

Our Why

To learn about the science and business of space.

To gain awareness of career opportunities.

Let's face it... Space is cool!

Our Awesome

We model a high tech startup business.

We are the first ever Space Explorers Post.

Unfettered access to professionals and mentors in the space industry.

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