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Support the Astropreneurs

Sponsorship Opportunities

The ATLAS Space Explorers are a youth run not-for-profit company based out of beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.


Our goal is to  model the practices of a high end startup tech company. Our company focuses on learning the business and technical  acumen necessary to start a a successful space startup. 

Any dollar amount you can spare is truly appreciated as we work toward our goal!

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Space Solid(blue)_radar, astronomy, cosm
Space Solid(blue)_rocket, spaceship, ast
Space Solid(blue)_satellite, sputnik, ra
Space Solid(blue)_planet, saturn, astron

Help Us Achieve Mission Success!

​Troposphere: $50

Stratosphere: $150

​Mesosphere: $350

​Ionosphere: $500

Exosphere: $1,000




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ATLAS Space Foundation

ATLAS Space Explorers

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Interested in becoming a sponsor?

We appreciate any and all support you are able to donate. The incredible support of our sponsors plays a key role in allowing our team to chase our dream of launching a High Altitude Balloon this summer!

Attend a Meeting

Contact us to attend the next Space Explorers meeting.

Message the Team

Send us a message to sign up and join us!

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